Cranbrook Flower Forest


Cranbrook Flower ForestCranbrook Flower Forest is situated in Laughlands, St. Ann on Jamaica’s north coat. This well laid out 130 acres of natural beauty features a tropical flower rainforest with exotic gardens, lawn and water pools. Cranbrook Flower Forest is located about 18 miles west of Ocho Rios and was opened to the public in May 1997. The flower forest is home to the very best of Jamaican foliage and tropical garden is the attraction in the parish known as the “garden parish’’ in Jamaica.

While visiting Jamaica you can visit the Cranbrook Flower Forest that offers lots of activities to do such as taking a hiking trail along the Little River to the head of the river, or stroll with nature walk along the banks of the Laughlands River. The Flower Forest exhibit a variety of flora and fauna that entwines with the well manicured lawns and open spaces. One of the most stunning of these attractions at Cranbrook Flower Forest is the Jade Vine with its lovely unusual greenish blue colors hanging down.

Walking through this nature’s paradise you will feel rejuvenated by the lush and sweet smelling rainforest with the river falling over the huge rocks. You can stop awhile and look, feel and smell the stunning tropical plants and flowers, as this area is perfect for picnics and other family functions.

Enter the old sugar mills and be dazzled at the marvelous museum and gift shop to get all your souvenirs. Other activities to part take in are to go horseback riding through the forest, go bird watching to see the many beautiful and exotic birds of this lovely island.

For an exceptional experience of peace of mind and natural beauty, venture to the Cranbrook Flower Forest and have an unforgettable time. As you will find yourself in another world of the most tranquil and inviting place you have ever seen.

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