Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Hill Falls


Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Hill FallsNestled on the green hills which gently roll towards the white sandy coves and turquoise waters of exciting Ocho Rios, you and your family can take a family outing to amazing Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Hill Falls. Relax and take in the Caribbean sun at this wonderful oasis that is situated just 1 ¼ miles outside the center Ocho Rios town.

Overlooking Ocho Rios Bay, Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Falls is a heavenly place of pure delight. A paradise that posses a stunning range of tropical river gardens and gorgeous mineral waterfalls, all for you to enjoy. You will love the pleasant views of the coastlines, as the natural settings provide the perfect place for you to spend an entire day amongst comfortable ambiance with its museum of island history.

With so much to offer, Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Falls is a great place for fun activities. Enjoy everything from a quiet picnic to a blissful climb to one of the island’s natural beauty. The incredible Mahoe Falls are easy to climb even for small children, have fun with the family as you take on an adventure to the top at you own space. Located on the Milford River, the lively Mahoe Falls roams through the Coyaba Gardens as it invites you to take a dip in the refreshing pools. Excite the mind with the remarkable surroundings of shady banyan and cedar trees, while the unique flowers provide a pretty picture.

Relax along the rocky cliff for a few hours and listen to the roaring drops of water while you view the intriguing network of rock patterns below. After, you can take a guided tour to the museum to view the displays of pre-Columbian Arawak and Spanish artifacts. Built on the grounds of a momentous farm the museum provides a unique twist of a river garden setting with natural habitat of mullet, snappers and turtles swimming around. There is even a wide area where you can swim to appreciate the flora and fauna of the gardens.

With such as great combination, this hillside haven is a breathtaking place to visit any time of the year. Another great thing to do while there is to stand at Ysassis Point and lookout to see the magnificent views of the area. At this area you can visit the small market to buy local craft items, rums and coffee. Take a break from all the fun and sip on a cup of Blue Mountain coffee or cool off with a cold Red Stripe beer in the stony courtyard bar.

Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Falls is a peaceful and charming option to enjoy Ocho Rios. For a great family vacation in Jamaica visit the Coyaba River Gardens and Mahoe Falls as the flowering plants and trees and the pompous peacocks that wanders through the grounds will delight the entire family.