Club Jamaica Nightclub


Club Jamaica Nightclub Every visitor to the island should take a trip to the lovely and invigorating Club Jamaica Nightclub. Perfectly situated on the grounds of the Club Jamaica Resort, this nightclub offers all visitors to its doors the authentic appeal of Jamaican nightlife.

With an excellent ambiance, the Club Jamaica Nightclub provides an inviting atmosphere to please everyone’s entertaining pleasures. When you have had just about enough of Ocho Rios attractions or the resort attractions; visit the Club Jamaica Nightclub and make them take you away with irie entertainment.

Boasting an array of live bands to popular entertainers, the sounds of the nightclub will have you dance up a storm. A vacation experience to remember, Club Jamaica Nightclub will provide a full combination of dining, sporting and dancing areas to captivate the senses. Take pleasure from the mouth-watering meals of island-style cocktails and snacks; while listening to the tunes of Jamaican themes.

Club Jamaica Nightclub is a lively entertainment spot that is located a few feet away from the beautiful Turtle Towers Beach. Situated so close to the beach you can venture outside to feel the cool breeze off the Caribbean Sea.

Make your next trip to the town of Ocho Rios a memorable one, by visiting the Club Jamaica Nightclub and enjoy the sounds of Jamaican music at your own leisure. The pulsating beats will have you parting until the wee hours of the morn.