Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Negril


Blue Hole Mineral Spring, NegrilThe Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a small tucked away spring located in the hills and flora of Jamaica. Situated in the laid-back town of Brighton, Negril, Blue Hole Mineral Spring is one of the island’s most amazing and unique spots to spend the day. Blue Hole Mineral Spring attraction is only 25 minutes from the heart of Negril and is the ideal spot for an adventurous vacation.

This exceptional water resort which nestles on beautiful landscape is found in a small, but peaceful community. Blue Hole Mineral Spring appeal is centered on an amazing mineral spring where you can jump into the waters for an invigorating experience. There are about two to three blue holes that provide refreshing adventures as you enjoy diving into this stunning attraction. There are guides available to take you through the underwater cave, as they encourage you to jump in. If you are not as courageous, you can climb down the blue hole on the ladder.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a hollow opening in Jamaica’s terrain completely covered by Karsts limestone. The natural occurrence from the minerals filters the limestone steadily in the water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for you to enjoy. Blue Hole Mineral Spring is also a unique place for couples to experience real island vibes.

Fall in love all over again by taking a stroll through the tropical gardens filled with palm trees, fruit trees and beautiful lush flowers. While there the cool surroundings and its well kept ambiance adds the perfect touch to a relaxing vacation. You can stay on the property in of the rustic accommodations, with alluring settings and enjoy rum punch and other treats at the tiki cafe near the spring.

Come to Blue Hole Mineral Spring Negril and leave behind the hustle and bustle of resort towns, as Blue Hole Mineral Spring is opened Monday to Thursday, 9am to 11pm and Friday to Sunday, 9am to 2am. Just $7 gives you full access to the spring.

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