Bird Watching In Jamaica


BirdwatchingVisit Jamaica and experience the most memorable vacation ever, by doing some bird watching. Bird watching will not only enhance your trip to this exotic island but you will fall in love with the wide array of birds around. Jamaica has more endangered birds than any other island in the Caribbean.

In Jamaica, you will find over 200 different species of birds that is unique to Jamaica only, nestled among the Blue Mountains and Port Antonio is where you can see most of the different types of beautiful birds. Actually you can stay at the famous Mocking Bird Hill Hotel and be treated to bird watching tours. The different types of birds to see are the Black-billed Streamer tail, the Chestnut Bellied Cuckoo, the colorful Jamaican Spindalis or the adorable Rufous Tailed-Flycatcher. You will also discover joy of being in the sunshine, as the sun peeps through the large tree leaves. Get an exceptional view of the Doctor Bird flickering about to find the sweetest nectar.

If you love fresh air while being surround by lush greenery, then Jamaica is the island for you. The best time to visit Jamaica for bird watching is during the months of December to June, this is the time when the birds show off their talents of melodic sounding songs and parade around the landscape in a beautiful fanfare. You can choose to hire a tour guide who will take to the hot spots across the island, where you will enter into the deep rural parishes, to see amazing birds in their habitat which is protected.

This colorful array of birds brings plenty of excitement to anyone and amongst the spread of flora and fauna; the birds on the island will whip you into a world of stunning features. Nightingales, Green Parrots, and Woodpeckers are show-stoppers who love to parade for the excited bird-watcher. Whether you are a lover of birds or not you will thrilled to see the birds as you sit for breakfast and be entertained by the antics of these birds.

Come to Jamaica and enjoy bird watching to see the smallest humming birds in the world and capture the spectacular features of these creatures, as you snap your cameras along the way.