Attractions in Portland Jamaica


Attractions in Portland Jamaica Portland Jamaica is one of the best kept secrets on the island of Jamaica. A tropical Eden and jewel of Jamaica’s northeastern landscape, you can enjoy the lush natural beauty, and the amazing rugged coastlines. Portland will also offer you beautiful unspoilt beaches, hidden coves, wonderful rivers and waterfalls, plus the impressive Blue Mountain range in the backdrop.

Portland in Jamaica has retained its charm as a peaceful countryside that is home to beautiful natural harbors of the Caribbean. Portland Jamaica also offers a delightful vacation experience, while the gleaming waterfalls and the thrilling Rio Grande River makes its way through the deep valley and gently sloping hillsides covered with tropical forests; draws you to the authentic and natural side of Portland Jamaica.

Attractions in Portland Jamaica provide attractive spots to enjoy the view of the town with the hills rising above it. Take a stroll through towns and peep into the rich history, as you walk by narrow streets lined with buildings from another era. As attractions in Portland offer a wide variety of themes, while the beauty and calmness surrounding these amazing attractions in Portland you will enjoy your stays among intimate guest houses and beautiful bays.

Explore the Nonesuch Caves and the seven hills of Athenry Gardens. Situated on miles of beautiful landscapes, the Nonesuch Caves and the seven hills of Athenry Gardens attraction offers you the chance to discover the caves while the fascinating gardens invite you to enjoy the variety of exotic plants.

Rio Grande
Take a scenic ride down the Rio Grande, as the romantic two hour tour aboard a raft takes you gliding down the peaceful surroundings.

Blue Lagoon
Located about seven miles east of Portland’s capital Port Antonio is the bottomless Blue Lagoon. Enjoy swimming in different shades of blue clear waters, as the surrounding hills and lush beauty take your breath away. After your discoveries, you can visit the nearby restaurant for amazing taste of the parish.

Somerset Falls
Hidden in a tropical rainforest is the cool and refreshing Somerset Falls. At Somerset Falls you can walk through the beautiful greenery as the rich and exotic flora fauna lures you to startling pools of water. Swim or relax by the waterfalls as the breathtaking beauty will provide a comfortable haven to spend a few hours.

Visit St George’s Village
St. George’s Village is a shopping mall with a difference, as it captivates you with its attractive designs that remind you of a medieval castle. Wander through the many shops to find unique souvenirs at bargains prices. After which you can go to the top and lookout at the beautiful bay beyond.

The attractions in Portland are romantic, serene, eco-friendly while the tasty gourmet cuisine brings you closer to the panoramic vistas of true Jamaica.

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