Athenry Gardens and the Cave of Nonsuch


Athenry-Gardens-and-Cave-of-NonsuchPortland is a beautiful and lush parish located north eastern side on the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean. The parish of Portland uses the Caribbean Sea as its front porch, while its back drop is the magnificent bluish Blue Mountains Peak. Portland boasts a mixture of mountain, lush flora and fauna, cascading waterfalls and lovely white sandy beaches.

In the north eastern side of Portland you can find a three acre tropical beauty called the Athenry Gardens that hold within its walls the Nonsuch Caves. These caves offer the visitors the underground experience of how the Arawaks Indians lived a number of years ago. The caves are accessible by brilliantly lit walkways with railing to hold unto. The garden of Athenry was where the Arawaks used as their play grounds and in the gift shops you can find souvenirs of these old civilizations.

Take a stroll through the gorgeous gardens of Athenry and view the scenic coastline below, while munching on exotic food of this lovely parish. From the gardens you can see panoramic views of the island and the Caribbean Sea just below. The gardens are filled with exotic flowers, very tall trees and an abundance of coconuts palms that sways in the cool island breeze.

The rock formations in the Nonsuch Caves are made of coral and limestone, so when the caves are lighted these caves comes alive with sparkling array of colorful lights. If you are afraid of bats then this caves is not for you, but if you are an adventurous travelers then you will see many forms of fossils and Arawaks remnants all over. The Nonsuch Caves are said to be millions of years older than the island of Jamaica itself, and is at the gateway to the Rio Grande Valley.

So the next time you travel to Jamaica make sure you take a trip to Portland and visit the beautiful Athenry Gardens to explore the magnificent Nonsuch Caves.

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