Asylum Nightclub


Asylum Nightclub Being a part of New Kingston’s hip-strip, Asylum Nightclub is where you can get on crazy. Smacked right in the center of Knutsford Boulevard, Asylum Nightclub is one of Kingston’s most favorite hot spot to hang out. Offering a different theme for each opening night, Asylum Nightclub is a popular entertaining spot for local and visitors alike.

Asylum’s club scene is very excited as any day of the week you visit you will be entertained until early hours of the morning. Often visited by Jamaica’s leading dancehall acts, the Asylum Nightclub is a trendy entertaining spot that will have you in frenzy.

Open only six days per week, with the exception of Mondays; you can visit your favorite themed-night of the week. Choosing from Sundays- Girls Gone Wild to Thursday-Dancehall nights or Tuesdays Ladies nights; any day you choose will be filled with vibes to move you all night long.

Remember the good ole days with friends on Oldies Night on Wednesdays and enjoy a few tasty drinks while you are at it. Boasting an upper level that normally attracts the elite of the society; you can also dance up a storm on the ground floor of the club. Flashing lights and pulsating beats helps to create the atmosphere of a well needed clubbing experience in the heart of the city.

If you are staying in one of New Kingston Hotel’s you must spend a few hours at the Asylum Nightclub and party hearty till the wee hours of morning.