Amnesia Nightclub


Amnesia Nightclub When the sun goes down on the Jamaican landscape take a trip to the Amnesia Nightclub and revel in the invigorating sounds of the island. Amnesia Nightclub is a hip and stylish club, which is located in the town of Ocho Rios.

Forget all about your worries and enjoy the pulsating themes of Amnesia Nightclub as you dance the night away. As the names suggests, you will not remember what you did while partying there. Enjoy cool refreshing drinks and alcoholic beverages with the high tech sounds and flashing lights.

Once you enter this trendy nightclub in Ocho Rios you will be entertained by the different themes of the each night. From hardcore dancehall beats to R&B and hip–hop, your musical ears will be pleased. Although a wide selection of international music is played, visitors to the island are able to mix and mingle with the locals to catch the latest dance moves.

Amnesia Nightclub boasts two colorful dance floors and an open air patio, where special guests are entertained. Partying to a different beat each night Amnesia’s DJ’s will have you dancing to every tune being played. So, when you are in the amazing town of Ocho Rios, visit the Amnesia Nightclub and entertain the senses with musical pleasures.

Burn some calories and work up a sweat in one of Jamaica’s hottest nightclubs, by visiting Amnesia Nightclub, which opens from Wednesday to Sundays.