Harmony Hall Great House


Harmony Hall Great House There is so much more to Jamaica than sun, sand and beautiful beaches or reggae music. The island of Jamaica enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round and boasts one of the most astonishing historical houses known as the Harmony Hall Great House.

Harmony Hall Great House is located four mile east of the busy resort town of Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Being near the border of St. Mary; Harmony Hall Great House is six miles from Oracabessa. This great house was built in 1886 and after a long period of desertion Harmony Hall Great House was recreated and reopened in 1981 as a premiere arts and crafts gallery.

At Harmony Hall Great House a nice blend of art and craft, tasty dishes and accommodation options awaits your presence. The great house is opened for exhibitions on Sundays during the months of November to April, offering you an extraordinary chance to meet and greet local artists and other collectors. This great house also provides you with the creative masterpiece of Jamaican art and craft on a broader level; where some have received international praises.

When you visit Harmony Hall Great House you will see wonderful displays of local art and crafts, where you can purchase pieces of art from the gallery on the upper floor of the great house. A variety of other items are also available in the gift shop. The original Harmony Hall Great House was a Methodist residence; but now the new owners Peter and Annabella Proudlock and Graham Davis have revamp this great house to be an art and craft haven on the north coast.

The first floor of the Harmony Hall Great House is where you will find the lovely Toscanini Restaurant; this excellent Italian restaurant offers some of the best traditional Italian dishes that combine Jamaican ingredients to give you a mouth-watering experience. A wide variety of wines are also available for your tasting at this restaurant.

Most notably, is their array of craft items on display at the Harmony Hall Great House; where the craft is equally assorted to balance with the wonderful selection of hand-made treasures, books and prints of the 19th century era. With such a mixture, this momentous keepsake of Jamaica’s landscape is a must visit when you go to Jamaica.

Harmony Hall Great House is a retreat for the art and craft buff not to mention the culinary expressions; with its peaceful surroundings, this attraction boasts as a National Monument.