Greenwood Great House


Greenwood Great House Trelawny, Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit on your tour of this island paradise. The parish of Trelawny is situated in the Cornwall County of Jamaica; and is positioned between the parishes of St. James to the west and St. Ann to the east. Nestled on Jamaica’s north coast Trelawny boast a wide collection of fabulous Georgian architectural designs.

The Greenwood Great House is one of the most refined antique museums in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. This great house was built in Jamaica during a period of elegance and with much violence; however Greenwood Great House has been able to preserve the unique quality of its exterior and interior designs to the delights of many of its visitors.

Take a scenic route to Trelawny and visit the spectacular Greenwood Great House. This magnificent work of art is nicely placed on the borders of Trelawny and St. James. Being a very old great house, it tells the tales of history in days gone by. Greenwood Great House is a lovely illustration of late 18th century décor with its cute designs of brick walls. Just beyond the great house are miles of beautiful hilly terrain, which creates the perfect backdrop to the Greenwood Great House.

Greenwood Great House was constructed in 1790 to accommodate British guests visiting the island. It was built by Richard Barrett a plantation owner, who was also the Custos of St. James. This 15 room great house boasts many interesting facts; one of which is it has undergo the least amount of restoration than any other great house of this nature in Jamaica. Just a few miles east, is the historical town of Falmouth.

An excellent collection of extraordinary furniture and artifacts are properly housed in this Georgian-style house. While there you will see many of the original owner’s collection of book and other personal items, with some dating from 1697. A collection of amazing oil paintings, Wedgewood china, and rare musical instruments can be seen while tour this great house.

When exploring the parish of Trelawny you must not leave without seeing some of the sight of this peaceful and picturesque countryside. Some of your options are: discovering the town by foot to see the many preserved Georgian architecture in the form of notary buildings to churches in the Caribbean; any some delectable authentic dishes in Falmouth, like yams done in all variety of ways.

Cruise on the Martha Brae River and enjoy views of the exotic wildlife of Trelawny.