Visa and Passport


A passport valid for at least six months dating from your time of entry is required by all nationals visiting Haiti.

Important Addresses

The Embassy of the United States

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tabarre 41, Boulevard 15 Octobre
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: (509) 22 29 8000
Fax: (509) 22 29 8028

The Embassy of Canada

Delmas between Delmas 75 and 71
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Telephone: 011 (509) 2812-9000
Fax: 011 (509) 2249-9920 and 2249-9928 (Immigration)
Email: General: prnce@international.gc.ca

Monday to Thursday: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

After hours emergency contact information
(for Canadian citizens only)

Call collect: 613-996-8885 / 613-944-1310 (TTY)

British Honorary Consulate

British Honorary Consulate
Port au Prince
337 Route de Delmas 72-73
Phone: 011 509 3744 6371

Office Hours:
Mon-Wed: 1700-1800 GMT
Fri: 1700-1800 GMT


Haiti has a very high prevalence of HIV and AIDS. Recently the country has been dealing with a cholera outbreak which has killed tens of thousands of Haitians. Haiti also has seasonal meningitis and there has been reports of rabies and Hepatitis B. Dengue fever outbreaks is also common in the country.

Food and drink

Due to the cholera outbreak, the drinking water is Haiti is unsafe to drink. As such all water should be treated as being potentially contaminated. You should also boil or sterilize all water before brushing teeth or consumption. It is also advised that you avoid all dairy products which has used unboiled milk as one of its ingredients.