Once known as the Pearl of the Caribbean, Haiti is one of the French speaking Caribbean Islands that is located on the western part of the Island of Hispaniola which it shares with Dominican Republic. Haiti was once France’s richest overseas territory that fell to spiritual darkness, dictatorships and is today one of the world’s poorest country.

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Haiti was a country with pure waters, lots of luscious fruit trees and many towering mahogany trees. However, it was recently hit with a devastating earthquake on January 12, 2010, ever since the county has been struggling to regain its splendor. But even before the earthquake, Haiti was trying to cope with its many leadership crises, which made it hard for them to achieve economic prosperity.

The island of Haiti still has a few beautiful attractions to offer the adventurous traveler. In Jacmel City, you will find many palm trees and small houses, which help to make this city one of the more well-liked areas of Haiti. While touring this city you will see the fading white of the buildings and the artwork of the voodoo artist which gives the city an eerie feeling, but just imagine that this place was once the talk of the Caribbean for tourist years ago.

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Haiti boasts a very energetic culture that is most alive in their religion, food and music. Their exotic cuisine is mainly of French and African dishes. This includes the very sumptuous “dirty rice” among others. Despite their messy history, Haiti is very tourist friendly where you can walk and talk with local without being harassed. The historical sites, extraordinary architecture, art exhibitions and a wide variety of handicrafts present a natural attraction for any traveler who wants to explore the sites and culture of this unique island.

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