Night life


Nightlife Haiti Haiti was once a vibrant and beautiful country under the Caribbean sun, but due to its long and conflicting history the country has seen some unfortunate days. Haiti has however retained most of its rich culture that is a blend of French and African influences.

This nation capital is Port-au-Prince and is full of life. With its great coastal landscape and attractive Haitian culture, the city has a variety of cultural and historical locations to explore. The very prominent gingerbread styled houses in the Pétionville area is a must see. There are a few museums that feature remarkable exhibitions about the history of Haiti, and boast several historical works of art, to include the anchor of Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria. Haiti is well known for its unique work of art, particularly their paintings and sculptures and you may enjoy visiting these late in the evening.

Being a great place for fun, when the sun sets, Haiti offers nightlife that is generally centered at few of the local hotels mainly on weekends. The entertainment scene in Haiti can be varied depending on what you are looking for, but there are different types of parties that offer a genre of music, to include local to international beats.

The nightlife in Haiti can be thrilling and full of rhythms; you can enjoy dancing to the beat of the African drums or see voodoo/folklore performances at your place of stay. Before you book your trip to Haiti, find out if the hotel you choices can provide the perfect entertainment options to suit your needs. As most of these hotels are only lively on a Saturday night.

Haiti also offers some the best cuisines, where you can choose from an array of French to African and tropical tastes, and do forget to sip some of their Barbancourt Rum with fresh coconut ice cream toppled with tropical fruits.