Hotels in Haiti Haiti has had its share of ups and down, but in this French island of the Caribbean, is where you can listen to the voodoo drums echoing from the jungle during a moonlit night. Haiti is one of the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean to visit, with its lovely creative artwork to see. This landscape was once the New World’s richest place and the crown jewel of the French overseas empire, but today this island is mainly for the experienced traveler.

Haiti remains one of the greatest sensations in all the Caribbean, with its many fortresses and palaces, which are largely in ruins after an earthquake on January 12, 2010. However there are plans to restore these places as an international cultural heritage site.The picturesque town of Jacmel, which located south of the city of Port au Prince, is the most elegant place to find the best hotel accommodations, with its remarkable Creole town houses that have escape much of the turmoil and economic chaos of Haitian politics.

Even though Haiti is a land of great superstition, visit a voodoo ceremony, for entertainment purpose mostly and see the worshippers dress in white, go into a trance as they use flour to trace symbols of Afro-Haitian gods on dirt floors. The strong scent of rum fills the air as they chant names of important idols; this is an unforgettable treat not to miss. Don’t be scared as the hotel accommodations are fairly accommodating with most featuring modern amenities and first class treatments. Here are some of the choices you have when booking your stay in Haiti:

The Cacique Villa Hotel is located a few miles from Port-Au-Prince in the town of Petionville, and is also close to the airport. This well constructed hotel offers excellent dining choices with a blend of cultural activities and is nestled in an idyllic environment overlooking the bay of Gonaive. The Coconut Villa Hotel is a little Haitian paradise hotel that feature 50 air conditioned rooms and large furnished apartments is situated near the center of town. While the Hotel Oloffson overlooks the beautiful city of Port au Prince, this safe and flourishing hotel is an enchanting and historical place to stay. The hotel’s decorative doors invite you to come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere within its walls. This hotel is ideal for business, family or couples seeking a bit of relaxation.

Despite its poverty, Haiti has some of the most fascinating and exotic attractions of all Caribbean islands so book your trip to Haiti and partake in their world class paintings and sculptures, while in the comforts of an adequate hotel accommodations.