Labadie Island


Labadie Island Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean island that is decorated with many natural attractions such as Labadie Island. Labadie Island charming scenery allows you to explore the wonderful beaches and coves around the island. Experience the wonderful swimming and snorkeling spots, as the Bay of Acul invites you to Haitian beauty.

The amazing views of its verdant greenery, makes Labadie Island a great adventurous port located on the northern coast of Haiti. It is a private resort chartered by Royal Caribbean International. Although, Labadie Island is privately rented, the attractive landscape offers you easy access to several adventures or relaxing spots.

Take a boat ride from mainland Haiti to Labadie Island and discover the shallow waters with beautiful corals. Labadie Island is very small and looks like a white line in the ocean from. The white line is actually the beach that surrounds the entire island. So small, it takes a mere 15-minute to fully explore the island. Just find a perfect snorkeling spot and plunge into the lovely waters.

Discover the old cannons and balls on the sandy bottom surrounding the island, as you marvelously snorkeling through the water with excitement. Come up for a breather and enjoy the views from the waters to land. Have lunch with the locals, as they prepare a mouth-watering dish with the catch of the day. Get your hair braided by one of the Haitian women, while the cool Caribbean breeze entices you with fresh air.

A small white beach at the end of the isle, offers refreshing pools of water to bath in. Labadie Island provides a great sensation lying on the beach, while the waters gently lap’s at your toes. After having so much fun on Labadie Island, hop over to the wonderful Ile à Rats and enjoy the surrounding green trees, as it provides a haven for a relaxing day.

Another place to enjoy Haitian landscape, Labadie Islands is an oasis of extreme relaxation.