La Citadelle


La Citadelle La Citadelle is one of the most famous attractions to visit in Haiti. A fortress that gives you amazing views of Milot town, La Citiadelle is located on a high mountain peak south of the city of Cap-Haïtien. Rent a horse to travel to the steep fort on a hill, as La Citadelle guides you to an astonishing piece of Haitian history.

Experience the thrill of trekking the uphill paths as you view the beautiful countryside around. Explore the interiors of this magnificent fort that was built by Henri Christophe. Built during the 19th century, La Citadelle quickly reminds you of Haiti’s fight for independence against the French. Today La Citadelle is a World Heritage Site and offers you a wealth of knowledge as you tour the huge structure of cut-stones.

La Citadelle is said to have been built by about 20,000 workers, who fight hard against the French Army. Because of its positioned, the Citadel offers you exceptional views of the Bonnet L’Eveque Mountain and lookouts to charming nearby valleys. On a clear day visit La Citadelle and climb to the extreme top and enjoy views of Cuba’s east coast and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

An amazing military fortress, La Citadelle shapes like a ship nestled on a peak, as it safe guards the surrounding towns and villages. While exploring La Citadelle you will notice a variety of sizes of the cannons. Ideally placed at strategic locations you can imagine the battles the fortress went through. However, it strong existence has pass through many attacks and natural disasters, but still stand tall as it shines with pride.

Within the walls of La Citadelle are the remains of Henri Christophe, his tomb is placed in one of the interior courtyards. A great Haitian national symbol, La Citadelle is a fortress to see on your visit to Haiti. After exploring La Citadelle, take a 45-minute trip to the fabulous palace called Sans Souci and enjoy the wonderful displays of Haitian architecture, as the walls tell you stories of a colorful era.

Throughout Haiti’s turbulence, there is always a place where you can enjoy the beautiful attractions of this wonderful Caribbean island.