Barbancourt Rum Distillery


 Barbancourt Rum DistilleryRhum and more Rhum, Barbancourt Rum Distillery is located on the northern border of Port au Prince in Haiti. Visit the distillery and see how traditional rum is a made in Haiti. A popular attraction in Haiti, Barbancourt Rum Distillery is a must visit to taste the fabulous flavors of Haiti. First you will need to make an appointment before visiting the distillery. Tours to the distillery usually occurs during the active rum- making season of December through to June.

On your journey to the Distillery, you will travel from Port-au-Prince to the edge of beautiful Plaine du Cul de Sac region. Pass through the lovely industrial estates of Haitian countryside until you are in sight of the distillery. Dozens of delicious flavor are there for the taking, try the varieties of mango, orange, coffee or hibiscus, as the flavors are limitless. You will get an opportunity to explore the entire distillery as the rum-filled air lures you for more.

Different types of recipes are used to produce Barbancourt Rum, as the Distillery produces some of the highest quality rum in the world. You will discover the unique creations of the Barbancourt Rum; savor the taste of the finest quality rums imaginable. You will see how the rum is made, as your guide walk you through the detailed steps, the history and final product. Also, you can view all the inner workings of the distillery product until the last drop of rum is made.

While there is no cost for the tours, you are expected to purchase bottles of rum after the tour. Taste all the flavors of Barbancourt Rums and buy the one that you love the most. After your tour, continue up the hill to Petionville, and be captivated by one of Haiti’s most prosperous location.