Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean Island located in the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. It is also the first overseas territory for France. Being a part of France, Guadeloupe is part of the European Union and its capital Basse-Terre is where you will find the hustle and bustle of this beautiful Caribbean Island. The islands of Guadeloupe will greet you warmly and with a taste of their well known punch called “ti punch” surround by the sound of biguine music.
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Guadeloupe offers a mixture of modern facilities and fantastic food. There are two main islands that are joined by a mangrove swamp. The first is Grande-Terre with its lovely beach towns that offer you a variety of fun filled activities under the sun. There is a long stretch of beach bars along the beautiful sandy beaches where the blue waters will lap against your feet.

The second is Basse-Terre, which is home to the national park with the La Soufriere volcano. Basse-Terre also features lots of hiking trails as well as the Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve which is great for the adventurous person. When you visit Guadeloupe be sure to take a trip to the north coast, to the interior of Route de la Traversee, which is famous for its park and excellent diving waters. To the south is the country’s main resort known as Grande-Terre. Here, you can spend the day just driving around and viewing the many beautiful buildings while on the other side, there are many sea cliffs and field of sugarcane.

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South of the butterfly shaped island is many small islets, namely La Desirade, Terre-de-Haut and the laid back Marie-Galante, with each boasting their own unique charms. Guadeloupe is also the place where you will see the cooks dressed in colorful and stylish dresses to celebrate mass while walking and dancing through the streets.

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