Night life


Nightlife GuadeloupeGuadeloupe is a French Caribbean island that provides a rich French and African heritage for you appreciate its vibrant nightlife. The island also offers lovely tropical beauty with its white sandy beaches, stunning mountains, amazing rainforests, volcanoes, and magnificent waterfalls.

The night scene in Guadeloupe offers lots of bars and discos that showcase local music, ranging from jazz to modern. Biguine is a blend of spontaneous tunes from clarinets with deep nasal vocals which creates amazing beats to dance to. Local dances with African origins are often on show at restaurants. Enjoy a traditional performance with the Ballets Guadeloupéans, which makes a perfect evening out for moody couples or families.

If you are in for gambling then visit the Casino Gosier-les-Bains, where you can strike a bit of luck from any of their lively games. If you do not like casino, then you can find other nightly entertainment in Guadeloupe, which tend to be seasonal.

Enclosed in a forested area is the Zoo Rock Café in Gosier, providing a rotating chain of theme parties that reminds you of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The traditional shows feature Caribbean music with plenty of drums and calypso, not to be missed. The salsa and Latin dancing can be enjoyed at the Lollapalooza, where the walls are decorated with pictures of Fidel and Che Guevara.

Nightlife in Guadeloupe is happening and you will find lots of entertaining options to your liking, although the main areas of St. Frangois and Gosier provide the best choices on the island. Guadeloupe offers a wide variety of attractions for different types of traveler. Most of the bars in Guadeloupe are free to enter, but the dance clubs charge a fee.

Once you visit this island ensure you try their excellent Creole cuisine, as food is the best part of Guadeloupe life. Guadeloupe’s unique way of preparing its meals with a mixture of French and Creole flavors, which is complemented by the rum punch brews, is what this island is renowned for.

Its energetic and creative culture fusion makes the island of Guadeloupe a melting pot of lively cultures that offers rewarding nightly activities.