Place du Champ d’Arbaud


place du champ-GuadeloupeLocated at the edge of Guadeloupe’s National Park, La Place du Champ d'Arbaud is situated at the feet of La Soufrière, Basse-Terre. Place du Champ d'Arbaud is Basse-Terre main square where you will see the beautiful Le Jardin Pichon to the south, colonial buildings lining the streets and a war monument that signifies the heart of the square. On the commanding heights of Basse-Terre, Place du Champ d'Arbaud is nestled on the road leading to wonderful La Soufrière.

Because of its location the square is a relaxing haven in the parish of Saint Claude that allows you to unwind in the island’s coolest weather. Walk along the narrow street to see the old board buildings with shingle tiles and iron balconies. Stroll along the harbor for some amazing views of Fort Delgrès that lies at the southern end of the square. Along this path are miles and miles of beautiful sceneries to enjoy in all directions. Visit Le Jardin Pichon and explore the hilltop garden on the banks of La Rivière-aux-Herbes.

place du champ-Guadeloupe

The park adjoins the amazing Zoological and Botanical Park which is a 1,500-foot reserve of the plants and animals of Guadeloupe. The museum of history at Fort Saint Charles is where you can view displays of the town remarkable artifacts. The Place des Carmes in the center of square is where you will see a stone cathedral built in 1736 by the capuchins. La Place du Champ d'Arbaud deserves your visit, boasting an array of streets with gorgeous dwellings on your exploits wander along Nolivos, Baudot and Peynier Streets; while enjoying the intense cultural and artistic life of the island.

With spectacular island scenes, take walk to the market to buy animated and colorful keepsakes. La Place du Champ d'Arbaud is generally used as the starting point for many hiking tours in Guadeloupe. There are many attractive paths which lead to the amazing volcano sight or to scenic mountain views. Enjoy a day of outdoor adventures as you climb up to these hilly landscapes to benefit from the energetic appeal of the tropical forest with its many waterfalls and cool rivers.

After you had bask in the beauty of Place du Champ d'Arbaud, plunge into the lovely waters of Le Plage de Trios Rivieres and discover your secret hideaway in Guadeloupe. While there you will enjoy the backdrops of a bird’s paradise and flowering tropical foliage of orchid and hibiscus.