Morne du Chameau


Morne du ChameauRising to a height of about 1,000 ft, Morne du Chameau is the hightest point on Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe. Situated on the southern edge of a beautiful bay, Morne de Chameau is bordered by Morne Mire and Morne Morel. Otherwise known as Camel Hill, Morne du Chameau is a stunning lookout point, where you can marvel at the lovely views of other nearby islands. It untouched beauty features a natural and untamed atmosphere that provides a spectacular range of nature-filled ambiance.

Climb the rocky terrain as the magnificence of Terre-de-Haut emerges like a dream from the deep blue Caribbean Sea. If you love the Caribbean sun, you will enjoy the hiking trail to Morne Chameau as the trail has few shady trees. The few coconut trees will provide cool spots to take a breather from the warm Caribbean sun. Experience the marvels of its sole purpose as Carmel Hill enchanting vista provides you with refreshing sea breezes while giving you a brief moment’s insight into paradise.

To truly enjoy the beauty and the relaxing atmosphere of the island, it’s worth staying a few days camping in Morne Chameau. With a view of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Morne Chameau and its gently breezes offer you a unique place to appreciate the scenes of the island. Creating an atmosphere for you to relax while listening to the waves; the best time to explore Morne Chameau is between July to October.

It is an incredibly green place to get away from the winter months, so indulge in other activities while in Terre-de-Haut and enjoy the various possibilities of sailing, snorkeling, diving, kite surf and deep sea fishing that exist on the island.