Ilet à Cabrit


Ilet à Cabrit A small islet facing the beautiful island of Terre de Haut is known as Ilet a Cabrit in Les Saintes Guadeloupe. Ilet a Cabrit irregular shape and surprisingly barren landscape posses some of the most beautiful beaches to enjoy in Guadeloupe. A great place for plenty of outdoor activities, you can enjoy snorkeling, hiking and camping. Explore the great diving sites, sailing or windsurfing spots around the island while on vacation in Guadeloupe.

Ilet a Cabrit is about three miles long and two miles wide and can be easily explored on foot. Take a five-minute walk from the airstrip or main port to a town of bougainvillea trees and brightly-colored small houses. Stroll through the old cemetery while you read the names on the headstones decorated with conch shells. This graveyard honors the sailors who were lost at sea.

Explore the island a bit more and wander at the clear and beautiful waters of Guadeloupe. And as you walk to the highest point of the island, you will be greeted by the commanding old called Fort Josephine, which was named after Napoleon’s first wife. Offering sweeping sceneries of Terre-de-Haut and several other isles, the breathtaking experience becomes a lifetime of memories.

The experience is spectacular any time of day, as Ilet a Cabrit exhibits flowering gardens of exotic plants and unique shaded areas to relax after all the discoveries. Take your camera with you to capture the scenic sights in lovely Ilet A Cabrit. There is also a trail which runs from Fort Josephine to the beach that makes a great adventure to view and buy Salakos and wood carvings from the locals.

Very pleasant to explore, Ilet a Cabrit has a few bars and restaurants located on the beach providing cool refreshments. To get to Ilet a Cabrit, you can hire a water-taxi or your hotel will provide an exciting tour to include this amazing isle of Guadeloupe.