Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Guadeloupe

Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul GuadeloupeThe Iron Cathedral otherwise known as the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is located in Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe. It was built in 1871 with its bolted iron ribs nicely exposed the beauty of the design. It is a refreshing way to explore southern Guadeloupe, where a slice of France nestles in the Caribbean.
Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is an exceptional attraction under the tropical sun that welcomes you to discover amazing landmarks on Basse-Terre Island. Stroll through the relaxing avenues as you are greeted with smiley faces and vibrant flora and fauna. Anything but ordinary, the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul with its picture-perfect setting, is the perfect place to visit for unforgettable experience.
Enter the magnificent walls of unique structure, as Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul draws you to indulge in some adventurous exploration of the local heritage. You will enjoy Guadeloupe's rich cultural heritage at every corner of the church as the adorable paintings and furnishings creates a wonderful masterpiece.
You can stare at this marvelous creation while you reflect on the French colonial era. Being one of the Basse-Terre’s major attractions, the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul is spotted with buildings with French colonial architecture. It offers you a wealth of rich history as the eyes behold the 19th century structure. Boasting an outstanding façade of gray stone, the white statues in the building symbolizes beautiful place to enjoy the calm surroundings.  
After exploring Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, you can tour the Jardin Pichon which is the main square of the city. View the many colonial buildings that stand strikingly in the center of the square, as it is worth a visit from you. Explore the island of Basse-Terre more and discover the delightful mountainside lakes that are surrounded by lush greenery.
In Guadeloupe, you can enjoy a spectacle of numerous landmarks, as the island preserves its historical attraction.