The Dominican Republic is a natural beauty in the Caribbean, with many great beaches. It boasts an unbelievable weather, which has made this destination very popular with vacationers. Dominican Republic has a tropical climate with two seasons; one wet and one dry. Temperatures may vary a little through the year but the early wet seasons are generally the hottest time, while the early dry season is the coolest. In Santo Domingo, temperature varies from 25C in January to 28C in July. The Dominican Republic landscape is very hilly, and causes a diversity in rainfalls across the country, with the north and east seeing a lot more rainfall.

However, the temperatures on the island remain fairly consistent at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The summer months of May to October are usually the hottest time of the year, with highs of 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and at night a low of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Dominican Republic’s dry season is from December to April, with highs of 27C and lows of 22C, but temperatures can be very comfortable making it a perfect holiday. If you stay in the mountains the temperature is much cooler, which are sometimes below freezing points, but these cold temperatures are purely down to the altitude and are never seen anywhere else in the country.

The wet season is in the months of May to November, but it may get very humid at this time of the year. Furthermore, the temperatures during the wet season are the highest of the year with August to October seeing average temperatures in the upper 20s in most of the country. Another feature of Dominican Republic’s location is that it is in the Caribbean hurricane belt, and during the months of August and September the hurricanes are most likely to occur. The country has some of the clearest waters in the Caribbean and because of its almost year-round warmth and sunshine; most persons prefer to visit Dominican Republic to have a fulfilled summer.

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