Located to the southeast of Cuba, the Dominican Republic makes up two thirds of the island of Hispaniola along with the impoverished Haiti a former French colony. The Dominican Republic features approximately 800 miles of incredible pristine shoreline and is one of the most popular Caribbean countries to visit. Most visitors are initially attracted to the glorious golden sand beaches and no two of the islands beaches are exactly the same. Each beach whether it is golden or has white sands has its own beauty and ambiance and is normally shaded by magnificent palm trees.

Dominican Republic is a place of contrasts. The country has both the Caribbean’s highest peak and lowest points. Santo Domingo the country’s capital in the south or ‘La Capital’ as it is called is the pulsating heart that drives the whole country and the capital to a whole university of cultures. Santo Domingo is also the oldest city in the New World and features the very first monuments of the new world. It is a living museum with the first chapel, cathedral, the first hospital, and the first university scattered around Zona Colonial’s fascinating cobblestone streets.

Dominica Republic’s northern, Atlantic side has most of the tourist attractions, including the hotels and resorts. From the small isolated beaches to the wide stretches of sand sprinkled with sunbathers, you can enjoy a many water sports and aquatic activities on the island. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing, are all very popular in Dominica Republic.

With it spicy food, gentle, laid-back lifestyle of the island and even hotter merengue thousands of visitors are drawn to the Dominican Republic annually. However, most tourists only visit up to Puerto Plata City with its wonderful beaches which make the North Coast an untouched heaven for a magnificent tropical holiday get away.

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