Night life


Nightlife Domincian Republic Dominican Republic is deemed as the great entertainment hub in the Caribbean. Dominican Republic nightlife comes alive in the main towns of Sosua on the northern coast, Cabarete and Puerto Plata. Being a fabulous tropical holiday spot for trendy travelers, Dominican Republic has something for everyone.

The larger hotels in Dominican Republic reminds you of a Latino version of Las Vegas and the cabaret shows offers plenty of amusement to your pleasure. If cabaret shows are not your style, then a night club nestled between the shore line and the rainforest can provide you with the right blend of exciting nightlife you are looking for.

In the town of Sosua the night scene is centered on the beachfront, where the beach into a long string of lively converted bars. With an open-air feel and a welcoming atmosphere, enjoying a few drinks and dancing under the stars on the white sandy beach is one that will keep you busy for hours.

On the other hand, if you crave for a club scene, visit Club X in Sosua. Offering amazing Dominican music for you to dance to until the early morning, this night club appeals to the young and vibrant traveler who wants a bit of everything. But to experience a more stimulating effect, visit the Lady Luck Club and enjoy an out-of- this-world ambiance. There is also casino in Sosua for your gambling pleasures, to try your hand at your favourite game.

In Puerto Plata the night scene can be pretty pricey but very attractive, with lots of places to visit in this area. Walking around is very safe and easy during the nights, as you can walk along the beach or on the sidewalk that in near most hotels, a perfect spot for spring breakers. You can also take a lovely stroll along the beach and enjoy a starry evening, for the romantics among us.

While in the city of Cabarete, the haven for sports-minded traveler or those looking somewhere idyllic to hang and have fun. The restaurants and sport bars have an excited array of gaming pleasure or a mixture of party themes every night to enjoy. Most located near the beach, occasionally they offer bon fire parties that encourage you to venture or mingle with the locals and visitors alike.
When the sun goes down in Dominican Republic, most of the restaurants place their tables on the beach to serve dinner, as this creates the perfect mood couples along with live performances.

Enjoy your Dominican Republic vacation the way you want and take home memories of the Caribbean you will never forget.

Dominican Republic Nightclubs, Music Scenes, Bars & Gambling

• Bachata Rosa – Dance Clubs
• El Napolitano Disco – Dance Clubs
• Fantasy Disco – Dance Clubs
• Jet Set – Dance Clubs
• La Guácara Taína – Dance Clubs
• Casino Diamante – Gambling
• El Napolitano Casino – Gambling
• Renaissance Jaragua Hotel & Casino – Gambling
• The Majestic Casino – Gambling
• Adrian Tropical – Music Scene
• Bottoms – Music Scene
• Marrakesh Bar & Café – Music Scene
• Mesón D’Bari – Music Scene
• Mitre – Music Scene
• Punto y Corcho – Wine Bars