The Larimar


A precious, gentle, soft and mesmerizing sky-blue stone that brings tranquility and peace of mind, to anyone who touches it; the Larimar is a gem found only in Dominican Republic. Larimar is found in the southwestern areas of Dominican Republic and was formed as a result of volcanic residue that fell into the Bahuroco River. This exotic blue variety of precious stone is otherwise called the Stefilia’s Stone, as it comes in various colors from white to pale blue and green-blue to intense blue shade.

Soothing and uplifting, this valuable stone has its own museum called the Larimar Museum which is situated in a 17th century house in amazing Santo Domingo. Paying honor to this prized jewel of the island, Larimar Museum aims to create an educational realm for you to enjoy learning about the city of Santo Domingo and one of the island’s precious stones. The reaction of the waters and the blends of other minerals, naturally created a refined gem that is adore by all. Larimar museum is the second leading gem museum on the island after the Amber Museum.

© by Laura_Innis

The museum is owned and operated by Jorge and Arelis de Caridad Caridad, which was opened in September 1996. Creatively displaying unique exhibits of larimar, scientific details and other valuable insights on the jewel, you will love the range of designs that are shown. At the Larimar Museum, you will be able to explore the extraordinary array of larimar as your guide tells you interesting stories of its creation and uses. On the main floor of the museum you will see an endless collection of skillfully designed larimar jewelry with bits of amber nicely place with it.

Enjoy the displays of simple and handy designs with the captivating shades of blues to include white, which represents the vibrancy of Santo Domingo under the Caribbean skies. Symbolizing the beauty of Dominican Republic by extends the Caribbean; the Larimar Museum will enthrall you with its fantastic way of showing off the gem. Enlightening you with its modern use of amazing graphics to create physical images that is technologically wonderful, the museum is a must visit while on vacation in the island.

larimar © by Deidre Woollard

Come and be enchanted as the Larimar Museum charms you with its alluring gem. Opened Monday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm, and on Sundays 8am to 2pm as admission is free.