Museo Del Hombre Dominicano


Dominican Republic boasts a vast variety of important museums filled with precious relics. These museums feature objects and documents that reveal the habits of the Taino ancestors and the colonial lifestyles through years of social growth that have made the island what it is today. These museums also illustrate the history of conquest of the Spanish influence, African and indigenous people. To view some of these amazing displays is to take a tour of the Museo Del Hombre Dominicano.

Museo Del Hombre Dominicano
Situated in the Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo, the Museum of Dominican Man is one of the most important museums to visit in the Dominican Republic. This museum has priceless pre-Columbian pieces and its history of the ancient inhabitants of Santo Domingo is most enticing. You can admire the ceramics, costumes and old art of those who were the first settlers in the island as you take note of the lovely exhibits of jewelry, religious pieces and sculptures.

On your tour you will be guided through three permanent exhibition halls, in addition to many temporary exhibitions. The first floor is where you will see the Monoliths Hall of Doctor Narciso Bosch Alberti. Dedicated to the memory of this pioneer for his caving, archeology and rock art skills, you will also see a few treasures. On the third floor is the Sala de Prehistoria of the island of Santo Domingo which contains the largest collection of archaeological pieces available worldwide on the Taino culture. The pieces displayed are for three periods of Dominican history, namely Paleoindian, and Neoindio Mesoindio.
Museo Del Hombre Dominicano

While the fourth floor is devoted to ethnology, with displays of various aspects of Dominican culture. Learn about the evolution of clothing, housing, religious syncretism, popular beliefs and religious pilgrimages, as you hear the stories of how it all began. In the temporary exhibit halls, your guide will show you displays that explains the effects of African slavery, with a show of voodoo items and carnival costumes. Promoting Dominican culture, this museum also study, protect all forms and diversity of its heritage as well as preserving and exhibiting collections of archaeological materials that covers the entire island.

If you want to know the culture of the Dominican people from pre-Columbian times to the present, a visit the Museum of Dominican Man is well worth it.