Museo de las Atarazanas


Museo de las AtarazanasFollow the path of Las Atarazanas to its northern end until you arrive at Colón 4 to explore the Museo de las Atarazanas. Nestled in the historic Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this museum is also where the colonial port is also found.

This maritime museum contains displays of items recovered from a 16th century shipwreck of the Spanish galleon Concepción, which sank during a hurricane in the Bahía de Samaná. The Museo de las Atarazana is filled with the sunken treasures, as you view the collection of coins, crucifixes, spoons, swords, plates, and silver bars, among other things, which have all been found and are on exhibit there.

You can read the signs which are in Spanish and English to understand the displays of rare but worthy treasures. Many other artifacts is also on show, from shipwrecks off the island’s coast, including belts, buckles, pipes, brandy bottles, and pewter plates. However,  Museo de las Atarazana is temporarily closed for remodeling until further notice.