Museo de Arte Moderno


Museo de Arte ModernoMuseum of Modern Art was established in 1976, in Gazcue, Dominica Republic. The museum is settled on a manicured landscape with modern sculptures, as the illustrious building makes up part of the amazing Plaza de la Cultura. Located near the center of the city, Museo de Arte Moderno features an imposing collection of Dominican, Caribbean and Latin American art. You can walk through the wide variety of works, from drawings to videos to ceramics, and view the many displays by famous artists.

On the first floor you will find temporary exhibits that feature fresh and innovative works of art of Dominican Republic. Museum of Modern Art is a four-storey modern art gallery that shows the strength and range of contemporary Dominican creativity. View the many exhibitions which are combined with temporary shows, to reveal the colourful history of the country.

The Museo de Arte Moderno contains a large collection of 20th century Dominican art on all four floors, as the main areas and halls invites you to explore all corners of this fantastic building. Even though a great deal of space is taken up by creative art work, the museum also organizes tours to different parts of the country for you to enjoy.

Although Museo de Arte Moderno temporary exhibits are the most exciting ones to see the museum also offers a 150-seat auditorium perfect for hosting private events. Museo de Arte Moderno is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm and admission is about RD$10 per person.

After explore the Museo de Arte Moderno, wander through the Plaza de la Cultura and discover other remarkable museums alongside the National Library and the beautiful white marble National Theatre. Enjoy lunch at lavish restaurant just behind the museum that offers a wonderful buffet of tasty Dominican Republic cuisines.