Columbus Lighthouse Monument


Columbus Lighthouse MonumentThe island of Dominica Republic pays homage to Christopher Columbus on his 500th anniversary of discovering the Americas. They built the very large Columbus Lighthouse which is wonderful landmark located in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic. Columbus Lighthouse was constructed in 1986, but was inaugurated in 1992.  Take a tour of this momentous tribute to view the unique lighthouse design which features an impressive projecting beams of light that forms a cross shape. It is huge grey shape can be seen from a great distance.

Columbus Lighthouse is built on the eastern shore of the Ozama River in the allowing travelers to make use of light, as it takes simplicity and power of the monuments of its era. Columbus Lighthouse is about a half a mile long, with its amazing cross-shaped which represents the Christian authorization of the Americas. Visit the lighthouse at night to see the 157 beams of light which radiates the skies in a rotating motion. The lights are only turned on when there is a special occasion.

The lighthouse is so powerful and beautiful to see especially at nights, as the neighboring island of Puerto Rico can also see this spectacle of Dominican Republic landscape. It is said that the lighthouse was built with the remains of Columbus, as the lighthouse is both a mausoleum and a museum. On your tour of the lighthouse you can view the displays of rare objects to include a boat from Cuba and Columbian jewelry.

The design is rather symbolic as it does not interfere with the surrounding beauty of the landscapes. It has four bronze lions and the feminine figurine that represents the people of Dominican Republic. Explore the lighthouse and go to the extreme top to view the splendid features of the ground that is worth the character of the courageous. There is a museum and chapel inside where other valuable artifacts of early Spanish colonial times can be seen.

Columbus Lighthouse is very beautiful and quite impressive to see this cross shaped beam of light bright up the night sky.