Colonial City


The Colonial City is a small town situated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This was the first town where Christopher Columbus settled and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is nestled in the western corner of the Ozama River and is about 5km squared miles. Within its borders lies many important milestones that includes the Alcazar de Colon, Fortaleza Ozama, Cathedral Primada de America, Royal Sundial, Ruinas de San Francisco, just to name a few. However, some of these structures were built during the colonial era and are in need of repairs.

Colonial City Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

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The Colonial City is just the right place to start your exploration of Santo Domingo, where you will see the first city built in the new world by the Spaniards. The museum of the Royal Houses is an amazing museum that exhibits 16th century artwork and offers a wonderful peek of the past, while the Amber Museum features excellent educational exhibits of the precious jewel.

The city was bordered by a defense wall that was the only entrance to the surrounding area; however this was modified after the siege on Santo Domingo. The oldest street in this town is the Calle Las Damas that boasts cobblestones pavement and is the only pedestrian only street in the city, which dates back to 1502. This street is bordered by many of the city’s prominent landmarks.

The Colonial City was the first place in the western hemisphere to have a cathedral, monastery, university and hospital. Historically, Colonial City houses many monuments, wonderful homes, famous streets, beautiful churches, museums, forts and other historical building dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in 1492.

Colonial City has a great blend of old and new places of interests for you to explore. Boasting a wide variety of night clubs and great accommodation options, you can relax and enjoy the colonial beauty.

Sit in any of the beautiful parks in Colonial city as the cool Caribbean breeze refreshes the body. Experience all the wonderful attractions of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo and enjoy Dominican Republic on your next vacation to the Caribbean.

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