Casa Del Cordon


Casa Del Cordon Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominica Republic, and the city holds many of Dominican Republic’s many treasured historical attractions, one of the most amazing sights to visit is the spectacular Casa Del Cordon. Often seen as a major attraction in the city of Santo Domingo, Casa Del Cordon astonishing architecture will blow you away with its beauty.

Snuggled on the corner of a popular street in Santo Domingo near the Isabella the Catholic Emiliano Tejera, Casa Del Cordon lures you to view the interesting styles of the colonial era. Furthermore the building is rich with historical and architectural attractions for the selective first time visitors. The main door to this building is its main attraction, which is purely made of stone and the design resembles a rope for which its name means House of Cord.

Visit Santo Domingo and be marveled by its architectural structure. The Casa Del Cordon was built in the 16th century and was originally owned by Francisco de Garay who was also the governor of Jamaica at the time and a close friend of Christopher Columbus. In the center of the front courtyard stands the statue of Christopher Columbus pointing in the direction of Spain, with an Arawak woman at his feet. Stand beside the statue and see the first Cathedral of the Americas to the south.

The Casa Del Cordon is Santo Domingo’s oldest surviving stone house in the western hemisphere. There are many valuable antiques to behold the eyes once you step in the house; one of these is the scale which was used to weigh all valuables, to pay for the freedom of the city. Casa Del Cordon has a memorable history, as it has passed through many owners, to include the governor’s of Santo Domingo and the Bank of Santo Domingo.

Casa Del Cordon is opened to the public at no cost, with much plenty of outdoor exposure to the surrounding city.

In the House of Cord are several Gothic elements which compliment the architectural design, making it a masterpiece of Dominican Republic landscape. Explore the beauty of Casa Del Cordon and be captivated by its wealth of Spanish and Caribbean treasures.