Casa de Tostado


Casa de Tostado If you are planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, make your first stop in the beautiful city of Santo Domingo. Boasting a rich history and culture within its many museums, theaters, parks and other natural sights, Dominican Republic is a captivating piece of Spanish Caribbean.

The outstanding ruins and structures with lots of delightful places to visit makes the fascinating Casa De Tostado one of the most rewarding attractions to visit. Featuring a lovely two storey colonial-style house in Santo Domingo, this gorgeous house is a part of the Colonial City wonderful range of architecture.

The Casa De Tosado was built in the 16th century in a Gothic design; the structure was once the home of Francisco Tostado, who was a university professor. He was killed by a cannon fire by Pirate Francis Drake in 1586. The most striking features of this home are the twin stone windows, the beautiful gardens and an orchard of fruit trees that borders the sea, unfortunately the latter no longer exist. The building now houses the Museum of the Dominican family of the 20th century and exhibits a collection of antiques.

The museum at the Casa de Tostado opened its doors in 1973 and is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean that holds many historical documents of the Dominican Republic national heritage. Showcasing traditional custom and culture of the Dominican Republican people, Casa de Tostado is absolutely fabulous, with its large rooms and lavish furnishings.

The archways throughout the house are quite exquisite and the second floor gives a great view of the sea. Where the lovely patio stands was once an orchard was filled with lots fruit trees. This house had many famous owners to include Rodriguez Franco and the Archbishop of Santo Domingo.

If you want to be taken back to the colonial era, climb the wooden staircase of Casa de Tostado and enjoy the wonderful views of the city. There is an admission cost (check with Santo Domingo tourist information) and is opened every day, except for Wednesdays.

When you are through exploring the Casa de Tostado, you hop over to the cathedral that is just beyond its walls, which boasts many scenic alleys known as the Alley of Priest.