Amber World Museum


Amber World Museum Explore the wonders of Amber World Museum in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and enjoy the warm beauty of this precious stone. Amber is a mysteriously elegantly gem that is found plentiful in Dominican Republic, it is regarded as a valuable material that is often in medicines and religious purposes. Amber World Museum is a privately owned museum that opened in 1996.  Founder and president, Jorge Caridad created an amazing museum with fabulous amber jewelry and other creative artwork.

Amber was discovered in the mountains of Dominican Republic, where they beautifully cut and polished the gems to form unique little sculptures. Visit Amber World Museum and experience the marvel of craftsmen created jewelry made from amber. You can observe the work of artists and be able to appreciate the transformation of a piece treasure aged for centuries.

At the museum’s work shop, you can view the craftsmen handy work, as they construct a wonderful amber jewelry into gold and silver. You can buy any piece of jewelry in the Amber Museum boutique, which also specializes in valuable pieces of scientific character and books about amber.

In Amber Museum you will also find historical and scientific data on the time of the creation of amber, the animals and vegetation of that era that were imbedded into the amber; while the stunning patterns and uniqueness of this gem makes you interact closely with the displays.

All displays are in cabinets, on panels, some so small you have to use a microscope to see the beauty. A great attraction of Amber World Museum is you will be able to take an early morning ride to where amber was first found to explore the origins of amber. While there you will discover the interesting and mystifying secrets of amber.