Alcázar de Colón


The beautiful country of Dominican Republic in the Caribbean holds the remarkable palace known as Alcazar de Colon. This UNESCO World Heritage site is situated in Santo Domingo, and houses the Museum Alcazar de Diego Colon that features exhibits of the islands most significant work of art. The palace houses about fifty rooms and in years gone had many stunning gardens and very large courtyards, even though what is left of it is just half of its original size.

The Alcazar De Colon is regarded as the most spectacular building in the city of Santo Domingo and for more than 60 years this coral limestone building on the banks of the Ozama River was the center for the Spaniards to entertain their special guests. While visiting this heritage site you will be able to see some of the original wall structure which once guarded against attacks coming from the river.

Alcarzar De Colon was built in the 1520’s and boasts Italian Renaissance and Gothic style architecture. However, attempts were made to turn the palace into a prison, but the efforts were unsuccessful, as most of its structure was demolished due to landslides in 1835. Within the walls of Alcazar De Colon holds the remains of Don Bartholomew Columbus.

Other features of this palace is the main entrance which was designed in Isabeline style and contains two rectangular shaped levels, which is joined by a central corridor and two galleries. However the palace was abandoned in 1770. The rooms are decked out with paintings and tapestries of the 16th century. During the early colonial period the palace was always filled with Sir Francis Drake and his army. The palace fell to ruins in the mid-18th century, but it was restored in 1957 to its former glory.

Enjoy this Santo Domingo attraction on your next vacation to Dominican Republic as this is open to the public and houses several exceptional fine treasures of the colonial era.

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