Night life


NIGHTLIFE IN CUBA The amazing island of Cuba with its friendly people, offers interesting nightlife to the visitors to their shore. The island gives you an insight to its way of life, with their distinct flavor of history and political dictatorship. When vacationing in Cuba you can head out for the night to any of the Havana night clubs, which are located mainly at the tourist beach resorts.

Cuba’s nightlife is very thrilling, as the island is filled with much passion and rhythms that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. In Havana is where you will find most of the nightly activity and in Old Havana and Varadero areas is where you will see world class dancers at their best. When the sun goes down in Cuba, enjoy the Havana nights with is wide array of cabaret shows, dinner theater or musical performances, especially at the Tropicana which is the city’s foremost place to be.

However, there are many popular Cuba nightlife hangouts, but you can find a club or music house in almost every Cuban city. Depending on when you go to Cuba, the island offers a free concert at its main squares or you can go dancing and learn the Salsa dance. If you have been taking Salsa dancing lessons, you can put your moves to the test in Old Havana by visiting one of the many clubs. The bars and jazz lounges are some of the other nightlife choices you have in Cuba.

Some of the places you can visit on your next vacation to Cuba are the Casa de la Música in Miramar, which features nightly concerts with live Cuban music and locals dancing up a storm on the floors. At the El Gato Tuerto in Vedado, this is a small bar that offers an extensive bar with live Cuban music performances, until the early mornings. If you just want have a drink with friends.

There are quieter places in Havana like the Ambos Mundos, where you can enjoy fruity cocktails with rum, on the rooftop. Other places such as, Casa de la Trova in Santiago de Cuba features many fantastic Cuban music performances, or the Discoteca La Iris also in Santiago de Cuba providing an exciting atmosphere, especially young travelers to the island.

Visit the beautiful island of Cuba and be fascinated by its many intriguing nightly activities as they entertain you with friendly and welcoming smiles.