Wandering Montemar Natural Park


Situated along the Bay of Pigs in Matanzas Province, Cuba, Montemar Natural Park is a magnificent place to admire an array of wildlife on the island. Montemar Natural Park is one of the ideal spots in Cuba to reconnect with nature as the Zapata Peninsula houses the largest swamp field in the Caribbean. Wander though the natural setting of the park to view the forests, marshes, beautiful lagoons and waterways.

Stroll through the Montemar Natural Park to bask in the energetic ore of it’s over 800 species of plants and animals that call it home. Boasting a rich and extraordinary setting in Cuba, you will enjoy the birds that are only seen in Cuba along with the crocodiles. Exciting to visit is one of the park’s adorable features known as the Laguna Del Tesoro. At this spot the cool water of this treasured lagoon provides a home for the golden trout. Amazingly in the center of the pond is a replica of a Taino village that is built on stone pillars.

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Follow the nature trails to the bird watching hub or wander off to the caves in the park. Another attraction to enjoy at the park is the scuba diving adventure, this tour will bring you up close and personal to the amazing animal that lives in the park get next o a friendly croc at the crocodile farm while you admire the hutiaspecies, deer and wild boars. An exotic spot on Cuba’s landscape, Montemar Natural Park is where he world stop by to take in the breathtaking views that surrounds this natural haven. After tour the park you can enjoy lunch at one of the on-site restaurants that offer delicious Cuban foods.

Join in the fun as you excitedly wander around Montemar Natural Park for a wonderful insight on one of the Caribbean’s unspoilt ecosystem that remains beautiful from years ago.