Viñales Valley


vinales valley cubaThe Viñales Valley is a place of limestone and underground streams with many cavities. The valley is nestled in the Sierra de los Organos area, just north of Viñales region in the province of Pinar del Río in Cuba. Vinales Valley is located about 112 miles west of Havana.

Recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, the valley of Vinales is set in Cuba’s lush impressive and round topped hills. Date back to the Jurassic period; Vinales Valley is covered with rich vegetation and a wide variety of exotic wildlife. The bits and pieces of the plateau was where underground rivers run millions of years ago.

The natural beauty and serenity of the valley is mix together with green fields of tobacco, coffee and other crops that grow out of the rich red earth. Today most of the traditional agricultural methods used to cultivate amazing fruits and vegetable from the land. The fabulously scattered palm trees and pine forests shelter a range of musical birds, and the area is also an attraction for speleologists and cave enthusiasts.

The wonderful hilly landscape, with picturesque villages boasts rustic barns and underground stalagmites and stalactites providing a remarkable gap to this colonial splendor. The main village of the Vinales Valley is a delightful little town, which is very relaxed and makes a great foundation to see the sights of the stunning surroundings.

The trails in the valley can be challenging at times, but for great adventures of the valley you can enjoy fabulous hiking tours and if you are in luck you will be able to visit the tobacco farm during your hike, to see various stages of tobacco production. The contrast of the red to orange soil with its lovely flora and fauna is very spectacular and picture-perfect to see.

So take a trip to the Vinales Valley and have an exciting time learning about a different side of Cuba.