Plaza de la Revolución


Plaza de la Revolución Explore the Plaza de la Revolución in the heart of Havana, Cuba. The Plaza de la Revolución or Revolution Square is the place where Fidel Castro’s famous speeches were broadcast to millions of locals when he took over power.

Stretching from the square down to the sea at the Malecón and Vedado areas, the legendary Plaza de la Revolución, most famous landmark is the huge José Martí monument. Standing with a height of 426 foot tall, an elevator allows you access to the top of the monument and from there you can see the National Library, National Theater, many government ministries, and other buildings located within the Plaza.

Located behind the José Martí monument are the guarded offices of former President Fidel Castro. Opposite the monument is the famous Che Guevara image with the slogan that reads “Forever Onwards Towards Victory”. Plaza de la Revolución was completed in 1959 the same year that Fidel Castro came to power.

Plaza de la Revolución houses the Monumento y Museo José Martí, the Palacio de la Revolución, the Ministerio Del Interior, and the Ministerio de Comunicaciones. Also the Paseo climbs are located northwest from Plaza de la Revolución to Zapata. Visit this area to see in the middle of the road a raised Memorial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg with cemented doves. To the rear of the National Library is the Monumento El Legado Cultural Hispánico. This very large bronze statue displays two naked men, one on horseback passing a baton to the other.

The Palacio de la Revolución is the former palace of the notorious dictator Samoza. View the many displays in the palace, where a museum of artifacts and art tells the chronicles of social happenings in Nicaragua. Peek into the former Samoza jails and view the memorials of martyrs of the revolution, while the detailed exhibits of the life and death of Augusto Sandino.

Venture through Plaza de la Revolución and discover the old footprints of human life in 6,000 B.C. Plaza de la Revolución possess a rich history of Cuba’s colorful pass. Explore the wonders of Havana and step into a culture of exciting happenings as you enjoy all the amazing attractions of Plaza de la Revolución.