Playas Del Este


Playas Del Este A little oasis under the Cuban sun known as Playa Del Este invites you to lounge away your worries on a hammock, as you gaze out to the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Tucked away in one of the most scenic parts of Trinidad, Cuba, Playas Del Este is situated in Salybia on the northeastern coast offering pleasing views of beach life.

Located along the hillside, Playas Del Este comfortably affords you the luxury of fresh bursts of sea breeze as you enter any of their five tropical beaches. El Mégano, Santa María del Mar, Boca Ciega, Guanabo, and Jibacoa Beaches are the names of the beaches that form the Playas del Este. Boasting miles of white sandy beaches, Playas del Este is an excellent place to enjoy great water activities on the beach, while staying in Trinidad or the intriguing city of Havana.

While enjoying a relaxing beach holiday in Cuba escape from the bustling Havana and head for the simple, laid-back hot spot strip Playa Del Este. With activities ranging from live entertainment, kayaking, turtle watching and spa treatment, you can easily enjoy the best of both worlds while at Playas Del Este. The beaches of Playas del Este are very popular; you can enjoy the warm waters or go out fishing or diving. During the summer months, Playas del Este comes alive with fabulous shopping centers, restaurants, beautiful resorts, vibrant bars and nightclubs.

Enjoy the tranquil settings during the off-peak season at Playa Del Este, as the refreshing pools, or hammocks invites you to indulge in the daily activities and scenic attractions. Take time to enjoy a stroll along any of the beaches and be captivated by the beachfront beauty
Aside from the wonderful beaches at Playas Del Este, you will also enjoy tasty local and international dishes, especially in July and August. Eat a good pizza at one of the restaurants along the shores, while the sun sets on the Cuban soil.

Visit Playa Del Este and bask in the mouth-watering dishes, fun activities and lovely warm waters and take home a piece of Cuba’s excitement with you.