Pinar Del Río and the west


Pinar Del Río and the west Pinar Del Río is a district in western of Cuba. The district and its western areas stretch from the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to towards, the east of Havana. The westernmost area in Pinar Del Río Cuba is San Antonio that houses a colorful realm of island beauty.

Pinar Del Río District is where you will see lots of amazing land structures; view the wide salt marshes, the low coastal bays plus the two popular Hondo and Cuyaguateje Rivers. In the heart of Pinar Del Río and its western districts is the eventful mountain range of Guaniguanico.

Extreme west of the cape of Guanahacabibes is the National Park and Reserve which set the perfect stage for you to plunge into two unique marinas and an international center of diving pleasures. Pinar Del Río and its western districts are great for a relaxing holiday with plenty of nature to explore, great hiking trails, horseback riding galore and the greatest scuba diving site on the island known as Maria La Gorda

Pinar Del Río and its western districts offer great access from the city of Havana, with its natural scenic beauty, splendid marine resources and for producing the best soil for their rich and enticing Cuban Cigars. Explore Pinar Del Río and visit places such as Vale of Viñales, Key Levisa, Jutías and Paradise. These areas will pamper you with nature trails and beaches to snorkel and dive in.

Visit the center of Pinar Del Río, and explore places like lovely San Juan, Martínez and pretty San Luis. The locals will tell you stories of the legendary tobacco culture. And after touring the heart of Pinar Del Río, relax in a medicinal spa of San Diego of the Baños and rejuvenate the senses. Pinar Del Río and its western districts hold world-famous beauty that is a part of the world natural heritage. With imposing pin-cushion hills and rounded tops, the Vinales Valley also has one of the most unique cave systems and several underground rivers in the Caribbean.

Visit Pinar Del Río and its western districts and watch the birds sing to you in the morning from your fabulous hotel room. Create an eco-friendly vacation with great blends of Pre-history attractions in the depths of beautiful surroundings.

Pinar Del Río and its western districts, is certainly one the island’s most interesting region, plunge into natural beauty of Cuba.