Museo Ernest Hemingway


Museo Ernest HemingwayThere are many significant museums in the city of Havana, but one of the most popular one to visit is the Museo Ernest Hemingway. The museum is situated in a villa previously owned by the writer himself, known as villa Finca Vigia, since 1949. Located in the suburb of San Francisco de Paula, Museo Ernest Hemingway is an attractive little estate home with beautiful 19th century white-washed styles.

This is where Ernest Hemingway lived for twenty years until 1960. Now, Museo Ernest Hemingway offers a simple but enjoyable tour from the city, as it sits on top of a hill offering marvelous views of Havana. This single storey colonial museum is where Hemingway wrote a number of his most famous novels, including “For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea”.

When you visit the museum you will see a number of possessions of the author as well as a library containing the author’s original collection of books. Museo Ernest Hemingway has been preserved exactly as the author had left it, to give you an insight into the life and times of this Nobel Laureate spent on the island. You will notice things such as drinks and magazines scattered about the place and a dining room table set for his guests.

Ernest-HemingwayOverflowing with character, it's an extraordinary place to see the writer's lifestyle and personality. View the many stuffed animal heads on the walls, as you enter into his small study where his typewriter is still stationed. Peep through the windows as Hemingway did in those days for a splendid view of the encircling veranda. Follow the path where Hemingway took his morning rituals, as you visit the well-kept garden. Explore the garden to see Hemingway's fishing boat hanging inside a wooden pavilion, while you view the graves of his four dogs located next to the swimming pool.

To get to the museum on your own, take the Vía Blanca through the southern part of the city and turn off at the Carretera Central, which cuts through San Francisco de Paula. The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday. The museum closes when it rains, to protect the interior from the damp and to preserve the well-groomed grounds, so try to visit on sunny days. An admission of $3 is required.