Museo de la Revolucion


The Museo De La Revolucion Havana offers lots of exciting exhibits and one place to find these lovely displays is at the Museo de la Revolucion or the Museum of the Revolution. This museum displays mainly artifacts pertaining to the Cuban War of Independence, as well as the Cuban Revolution. This beautiful building was built in 1920 and houses about twenty-one dead presidents before the revolution. But is now home to a large quantity of exhibits featuring the history of the revolution, items belonging to these persons are also displayed here. Just behind the museum is a gorgeous park which holds a boat which carried Castro and his followers from Mexico to the Cuban shores.

The Museo de la Revolucion’s building maybe too decorated for just exhibiting a few artifacts of dead president, but once you enter this majestic place, you will be amazed by the photographs, documents and remarkable pieces, of the Cuban revolution. In front of the building, you will see a tank that Fidel Castro drove to battle at Bay of Pigs. The assorted interiors was decorated in the 1920’s by Tiffany’s of New York and boasts several lasting presentation to cover the most significant historical events in Cuba since the first Spanish migration to the present.

If you want to see and explore places in Cuba, then the Museo de la Revolucion is definitely the one. Just facing the museum is the Jose Marti memorial tower that is about 130 feet high, you can take ride to the top for a spectacular view of the city, so don’t leave your camera behind and if you’re looking for things to do in Havana, this historical site is a great place to start.

Uniting beautiful architecture with a sense of history in a fabulous environment, Museo de la Revolucion is a must see. Visit this amazing museum and learn more about Cuba on your next Havana vacation.