Museo De La Ciudad


Museo De La Ciudad With a rich and intriguing history, Cuba’s sightseeing is centered on its varied architecture, with everything from museums and churches to colonial forts and sophisticated city squares. The friendly people put together with beautifully arrangements and occasional deserted streets are nothing you have ever seen before in this world.

The site of Museo De La Ciudad is just breathtaking with amusing attractions at every turn. Stand outdoors a bit and look down the road as the vintage cars gently roll through the streets and lanes, creating a great day of sightseeing. Museo De La Ciudad is located in the historical old town of La Habana Vieja, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you stroll down the Calle Obispo pedestrian boulevard you will be amazed by the beauty of the museum’s exterior.

The state owned, the Museo De La Ciudad boasts Baroque styled architecture, which was once the residence of Cuba’s colonial governors and former Presidential Palace, the Palace of the Captains General and was built in 1791. This remarkable building displays the city’s collections of fine art and exhibits the tale of Havana, from its founding to the present day.

Within the walls are rooms devoted to the Cuban wars for national independence and the colorful Hall of Flags contains the original Cuban flag. You will also see exhibits connecting to archaeology, folklore and weaponry aspect of Cuban heritage. An art collection that includes porcelain, paintings and furniture of great beauty and historical value can be seen as well.

Be sure to visit the hall of heroic Cubans that displays captivating objects from the revolution. If you are a history buff, then visit the Espada Cemetery room to view the tomb of the French artist Vernay. In the main room you can see creative crafted chairs that were made especially for the Spanish monarch, but never used. Gorgeous 19th century mirrors on the walls on the walls of this rooms gives you a peek into life years ago.

Visit the beautiful island of Cuba and be amazed at its stunning and well designed architecture, while being surrounded by its friendly and warm people.