Maqueta de la Habana


Maqueta de La Habana is stunning place to see a giant size model of Habana Vieja. This gallery is location in Miramar, Havana for you to enjoy the authentic replica of the famous city. Visit this amazing place while on your Cuban vacation as Maqueta de La Habana provides extraordinary details of the city with its unique designs made from recycled cigar boxes and color-coded with bright insignias.

Offering an exceptional way to geographically know the vibrant landscape of Havana, the Maqueta de La Habana display of mini play of the city is rather impressive. Stroll around the lower floor of the gallery as you take in the adorable walls that tells you of Havana’s history. On exhibition on the walls, are art work from traveling artists that display their creative work of art, as it surrounds you with an alluring sense of attractiveness. Climb the narrow balcony stairs to enjoy a realistic view of the city’s model, which takes up about 144sq.

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Tours of Maqueta de La Habana is only done by guides as there is a small admission fee to enter. Feel the vibrancy of Habana Vieja while the lighting effects seem like a sunrise or sunset over the island. A beautiful sight to behold as you view the extraordinary of a scaled model city like no other. Take a closer look at the pint-size buildings that take you on a historical journey through its rich past. Offering a peek in to the colonial era of the 16th to 19th centuries, Maqueta de La Habana shows you the different developments that this Caribbean island went through.

Combining a wealth of knowledge with interesting sights, the magical city of Havana model can be seen during the day or night as the Maqueta de La Habana as it brings you in tune with an amazing and educative tour. It’s a must see while in Havana as you view the Palacio de Balboa, the Palace Villalba or the fabulous Hotel Passage that was built in 1876. Looking at these mini attractions, especially the City of the columns, you will quickly remember how beautiful Havana Cuba is.