Malecon District


Malecon District Boasting a history full of unique events, Cuba’s attractions, friendly people, music scene, and perfect beaches, you will have a great vacation time in Cuba. Take a walk along renowned Malecon waterfront in Old Havana and see its beautiful waterfront haven that was built in the early 1900′s. The pathways are adorned with pretty flowers and features six lanes of essential roadway that serves as the city’s main routes.

This is amazing meeting place for gatherings, parades and also the perfect place to watch the sun go down on the Cuban soil, the El Malecon is where you can get a glimpse of the locals taking a quick swim, or fishing for dinner. The best way to explore the El Malecon is by walking through its streets and pathways. Depending on when you go to Cuba, you will see the crashing waves that sometimes pour over the seawall and should you get hit by the waves it might take you to the ground, be careful as the waves tend to be strongest during the winter months.

The main attractions in El Malecon de Cuba are the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta and the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, both of were built during colonial times. These Spanish structures were built along the shoreline to protect against invading pirates. Visit the Antonio Maceo Park to see the statue of the fascinating Lt. General of the Cuban Army.

The walls surrounding the area of El Malecon are rather fascinating, as you can view the crumbling ruins, yet the attractive facades of the old buildings makes you think you are in the colonial era. Some of the buildings are painted in pastel colors, and when the sun sets, it is beauty just bounces off the buildings.

Although El Malecon is very enjoyable during the day, at nights the sea breeze and the surroundings attract visitors to enjoy a great evening out with a special person. Some of the activities that are known to take place at El Malecon are parades, concerts, and even car races.

Malecon is a must when considering things to do in Cuba. If you only have time to walk a portion of the Malecon, the stretch through Central Havana is of particular interest with its historical buildings.