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Better described as a large open air museum, Havana Cuba has everything to entice you. From the grand architecture styles at the corner to the stylish colonial buildings, your visit to this city will be most unforgettable.

It is impossible to see it all during a day’s trip, starting off at the fabulous Parque central located in the western corner of the city. This Central Park offers you marvelous avenues to explore with bronze lions and baroque lamps. Travel to the end of the famous El Prado as the Malécon takes your breath away. Stroll along the wonderful avenue and enjoy views of the ocean as the water rushes against the walls.

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Venture a bit further to the remarkable area known as Capitolio and explore the flavors of the Partagas Cigar Factory. Along that same path is the popular Barrio Chino otherwise known as Havana China Town. Tour this Cuban city and visit the district of Vedado, this area houses lovely boulevards, stylish houses, galleries, unique shops and lively theatres. Boasting popular places like Cementerio Colon, Plaza de la Revolucion and the broad and well-maintained avenue called Avenida de Los Presidentes, your tour will be filled with excitement.

Situated on the west side of Havana Cuba is the rich and suburbs of Miramar. Tour the tunnels at Rio Alemedares that leads to the heart of Miramar, this area is where most of the embassies, several governmental services, and the celebrated Havana Tropicana is located. In Miramar, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere and bubbly city life that is stuff with legends.

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Aside from the vintage and amazing attractions of Havana, the beautiful palaces, the remarkable hotels, not to mention the delectable restaurants, tour Havana from the Central Park to and be taken back in time with its array of rich cultural happenings. Havana is no usual beauty; you simply fall in love with the city as it take you on a journey of jaw-dropping magnificence.


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