Cigar Factories


Cigar factories Cigar buffs from around the world love to visit Cuban Cigar Factories for ther unique flavor of cigars. Step into the Partagas and H. Upmann factories in Havana on the last day of the XIII Habano Festival, to enjoy the impressive event for gourmet cigar lovers.

With gala cultural happenings, Cigar factories in Cuba exhibit specially crafted cigars, boasting exceptional flavors to enjoy. In Pinar del Río Province at the west of the island, you can learn about every bit of Cuban cigar, from where the tobacco is cultivated to the fingertips of the cigar makers.

Even eager non-smokers can enjoy a tour of the cigar factories in Cuban, View with fascination the cigar makers rolls the tobacco by hand and packing the cigars in wooden boxes. As you watch the thoughtful expression on their faces, you ask questions of their talents. Wonder through the factories as a tobacco reader reads a classical tale of Shakespeare to inspire the workers along.

Cuban Cigar Factories keep the cigar making tradition alive through years of experience, knowledge and traditions. Boasting a unique collection of fine cigars, each with its own distinctive distinctiveness, your visit to a cigar factor will bring you to a strong love and appreciation for Cuban Cigars. In almost every district of Cuba, the Cigar Factories in Old Havana holds over 100 years of honor and commitment to producing the finest cigars in the industry.

Visit any cigar factories in Cuban and try making a cigar if you can. After light it up and take in the aromatic flavors of the Cuban soil. Indulge in the legendary rapture of a cigar thrill, as the rare blends of the finest aged Cuban tobaccos take you on a journey of excitement.

Make your next trip to Cuba an eventful one, as you explore the master of cigar making of this world. Sample the special blends of cigars and be entertained by a Cuban cigar maker.